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Emergency dentists out of hours – Urgent dental advice and support line
Click on the link for more details: Urgent Dental Advice

Metal Health Direct: Mental Health Direct provides a first response to people who are in crisis, ensuring appropriate referral and/or signposting for more general enquiries.    If you currently receive a service from a team at NELFT, such as a local community mental health team or a psychiatrist, then make contact with them. 

Operating hours: 24 hours a day Click on the link for more details: Mental Health Direct

NELFT CAMHS (Child & Adolescent Mental Health Services for under 18yrs only):
Not all mental health difficulties can be “cured” and you may need to meet with them team more than once. Lots of things can impact on our mental health, some of which are beyond anyone’s control. Instead, we work with you to help you learn how to manage your difficulties, in many cases, overcoming them is absolutely possible.

There may also be some difficulties or experiences which tey are not the best service to support you with. In these cases they will help you access appropriate help from other organisations, such as drug & alcohol and bereavement services, plus many others.
Operating Hours: Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm
Barking & Dagenham: 0300 555 1035
Redbridge: 0300 555 1182
Havering: 0300 300 1888 and ask for CAMHS

Talking Therapies:

It can be difficult having to cope alone and it is often impossible to see a clear way through. Whether your issues are caused by problems you face every day, or by events that have happened in your past – talking therapies can help. It is a free and confidential NHS service that will work with you to help you feel better.

For easy access to talking therapies services near you, click on your area to find out more.

Operating hours: Monday-Friday 9:00am-5:00pm, Click on the link for more details Talking Therapies

 Dementia adviser service:

 People with dementia, their carers or people who are worried about their memory can contact the dementia advisers whenever they need further information or support to find other services.  

The Dementia Adviser service offers information about all aspects of living with dementia and support to access services. They offer information and practical guidance to help understand dementia, cope with day-to-day challenges and prepare for the future.

Operating times: By phone: 8am to 10pm every day (except Christmas Day). Click on the link for more details Dementia Support Line

Barking & Dagenham Tel: 020 85174522 Email:  

Havering Tel: 01708 7392 Email:  

Redbridge Tel: 020 8517 4522 Email:

Community Treatment Team (CTT)
CTT works with housebound adults in the community with an acute physical need who could potentially be treated at home i.e. a suspected infection, falls without injuries, or an exacerbation of a long-term condition such as COPD.
Anyone can make referrals – self-referrals can be made by patients or through their carers directly to the service. All calls will be triaged by a nurse or therapist before acceptance to assess if they are suitable for the service and ensure appropriate care is provided. Please note, carers/family should be present with the patient at the time of making the referral if the patient cannot make the referral themselves, as the nurse/therapist will have questions that require answering in the patient’s presence.
Open daily 8am – 10pm Click on the link for more details: CTT

Drug & Alcohol:

 St Luke’s drug and alcohol service is commissioned by LBBD. Is a confidential, free service for adults who live in Barking and Dagenham. It offers community interventions including health centres and local services that remove barriers to seeking treatment and support is wide. Click on the link for more details   St Luke’s

Change Grow Live (CGL) is commissioned by LBH. Provides a comprehensive drug and alcohol service to residents of Havering 18+, including people experiencing homelessness. Access for people experiencing homelessness includes multi-agency professional referrals including outreach officers and self-referral through walk in. Click on the link for more details Change Grow Live

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